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Philosophy & Background

Established in 2002, HW Litigation was the first boutique commercial litigation firm in Queensland.


Our specialised team can assist in all facets of dispute resolution, risk management, negotiation, and Court action where appropriate..

Lawyer Referrals

Many law firms practice exclusively in commercial law and have no interest, nor the expertise, to become involved in commercial litigation.

Our Team

We believe the best results for our clients are obtained when their lawyer is “on the front foot” in all facets of the case.


HW Litigation is a boutique commercial litigation practice. Our specialised team can assist in all facets of dispute resolution, risk management, negotiation, and Court action where appropriate.

Our primary areas of focus are:

  • commercial disputes – these are disputes that may involve land sale contracts, commercial contracts, leases, securities, partnerships, shareholding or corporate matters, joint ventures, body corporates, trade practices, intellectual property and general issues which may arise in commercial dealings;
  • building and construction – disputes often arise in the building and construction industry in respect of the quality of work undertaken, the cost of the work, delays, rectification and variations. We have significant experience in handling such disputes including the preparation of sub-contractors’ charges, payment claims and schedules under the Building and Construction Industry Payments Act 2004 (Qld) as well as adjudication applications and responses, urgent court applications seeking injunctive relief and expert determination. We can also provide in-house risk management training to businesses and individuals engaged in the building and construction industry;
  • bulk debt recovery – we have developed streamlined procedures for effecting and managing bulk debt recoveries to maximise the efficiency and cost effectiveness of our services;
  • town planning issues and appeals – this may include advising on a town planning issue, negotiating with a local authority, seeking a declaration as to a client’s rights in relation to planning matters, or appealing against decisions of local authorities;
  • industrial relations and employment law – this may involve the preparation of employment or workplace agreements, assisting in effecting dismissals or redundancies, providing advice regarding employee entitlements, management issues, employee performance, risk reduction and management and workplace health and safety obligations;
  • alternative dispute resolution – we can arrange, attend and manage mediations or without prejudice conferences to maximise the prospects of resolving any disputes at the earliest stage possible;
  • risk management services – we can help clients to put in place systems and processes to ensure the risk of potential disputes is minimised.

HW Litigation represents its clients in the Courts of all jurisdictions in Queensland, most notably in the Supreme Court where the bulk of our work is undertaken.

HW Litigation also represents its clients in the various State tribunals and in the Federal Court and High Court of Australia can assist in the conduct of interstate and international disputes with the assistance of our network of agents.